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Created on 2009-05-01 02:46:42 (#140701), last updated 2011-10-17 (313 weeks ago)

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Name:Bill and Tom Kaulitz Daily
Location:United States of America
Posting Access:Select Members

Welcome to Kaulitz Daily! This is the DreamWidth version of the first English-speaking community on LiveJournal dedicated entirely to Bill and Tom Kaulitz of the German band Tokio Hotel! Feel free to post pictures, fanart, graphics, scans, news, interviews, and discussions.
1. First and foremost, please respect Bill, Tom, and fellow members of this community. Georg and Gustav, too! Just because we're here for the twins, doesn't mean we have to be rude about the G's. If a moderator finds a post offensive, it will be deleted without warning. Continuous offensive comments and/or flames will result in banning.

2. ALL POSTS must be about the twins.

3. Please use LJ cuts whenever possible. Any images larger than 400 pixels wide or tall, multiple images, and anything that could be inappropriate or unsafe for members viewing from work or school must be cut. In the event something is unsafe for viewing in such situations, please label it clearly as such outside the cut.

4. Anything of a fantasy nature is discouraged heavily here: fanfiction, slash, and twincest. There are many other communities for these things already; the point of this community is to create an environment where any and all twin fans will feel welcome.

5. Please do not hotlink images.

6. When posting translations, credit the original translator.

7. Any information or news posted must have a source.

8. This community is NOT a search or request community. If you absolutely must ask for an original picture/file/interview/etc., please share something with the request. But keep in mind that there are communities for Tokio Hotel all over LiveJournal for requests, and if it is information you seek, be sure to check out the constantly updated THI Wiki!

9. All posts MUST be locked. This community is members only.

10. When linking to posts outside this community, please do not link to locked posts.

11. Any posts containing images hosted by or linking to Imagebam will be deleted ASAP without warning. Imagebam puts malware on your computer and contains pornographic ads; it is not a safe hosting site in any way!

12. Stalker pictures are NOT allowed here. We can easily fangirl while remaining respectful of their privacy and time off. Paparazzi pictures may be posted from time to time, if they are from an event or have been published, but if there's even a chance something was taken by a stalker, no way.
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